Firewalking @ Deepavali

Fire-walking is something that never ceases to amaze me. I can never understand how someone can walk thru a pit of burning hot coals and come out of it looking like its nothing. Nada.

I grew up in Asia, so I see this every year during the Deepavali festivals. A few years back, i saw a Tony Robbins video on youtube which features the same. (He is supposed to be some life coach who promises to change your life for the better but thats another story.)

I tried to put a lighted lighter near my feet and moving really fast up and down the soles and then really slowly. I can feel the heat, it hurts, dumb me. So is it just all in the mind ? Really ?

The day’s event was held at Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore. The Hindu’s are celebrating Theemithi. Was using a Canon 650D with the 40mm 2.8 pancake lens. Would be good to test out the camera.

The queues were really long. I was told to avoid the start at 6pm but go close to midnight to avoid the crowds and queues. But still ! there are many devotees waiting their turn to walk the pit of fire.  It was very well organised, there is even a special moving line for tourists, photographers to walk into the temple to view the event.

You have to take of your shoes and walk barefoot when in the temple. They have scattered Tumeric powder all over the grounds, a ritual too i suppose…..this is going to stain my feet for a few days. 🙂

The ladies are not allowed to walk the pit, they have to gather somewhere to watch their men and give support. And if it gets too crowded, they can sit outside the temple and watch their “live” on TV. I on the other hand was looking at the big tub of Briyani rice.

The fire walkers (sounds way too cool) gave themselves a cheer in Tamil after the walk. I can feel their sense of excited and achievement at the same time. Well done guys !! Maybe i can take part in this too… year. 🙂

I was complaining about the camera. The 40mm 2.8 lens is not as fast i think it would be ? whats up with the white balance ? and why are the angles so tight ?…….i realised that is me….i forgot its a 1.6 crop. Pictures turn out rather well, no ?


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