Formula 1 @ Singapore

Things have been crazy this past month. So much traveling, so much work, so many activities….so little time for photography, i think i am losing my hair….

The Formula 1 race in Singapore has been running for 5 years and for all 5 years, i have religiously either attended the race or watched every minute of it on TV. I respect the drivers, they deserve their millions instead of soccer players earning the same. (I am rather disgusted with the 200,000pounds a week of some players 🙂 ) Why ? We see soccer players feigning injuries allover the pitch but these drivers are playing with their lives. If anything goes wrong, its the end of their story, isn’t it ?

Paddock Club tickets. I have no idea why it needs to be so expensive. Eur 4000 a ticket ? You got to be kidding me. Am lucky to have corporate tickets this time, had to work and entertain guests but hey ! am not complaining !

Photos by me and some by Mark 🙂

The whole place is crazy, packed full of activities. Mini concerts, magicians, samba girls. Who’s here for the Formula 1 ? I reckon some of them are here for the entertainment, not Formula 1. Where else can you attend a Katy Perry concert for less than 50 bucks ? I never knew she is interested in cars….

You know whats strange ? Everyone is so smiley, so polite, so nice, so eager to help. Its impossible to take pictures of the drivers with my 35mm. I will probably need a 800mm zoom and i am not interested to take pics of those in high society too. Why not feature those that help make the race a huge success ?

Palm reading at a race !!?? You got to be kidding me……

Ms Universes having dinner before the races. My….Singapore has really pulled out every trick from the bag.

Jamon Iberico – From Como x Culina

With that ticket, everything is free. Free Palm reading, free food…… The wonderful world of 3 star Michelin Jean-Georges. He was then my new best friend till the fact that i found out that you need a couple of hundred bucks to eat at this restaurant. Nothing was spared, Champagne, Caviar, Foie Gras, all high end ingredients. The waitress was rather amused when she saw me for the 11th time……. 🙂

Bongo boys !

One of the main difference of the Paddock Ticket is the Pit Lane walk, at 30-45 mins walk along the pit where you are jostled and hushed to move along fast.

“No U-turn !!! No U-turn !! Walk, Walk”

I queued for 30 mins before the walk, being hushed when in there and where are the drivers ?? …….cannot help but feel shortchanged.

Where’s he aiming at ? see the drivers up close after all….but only for 5 mins when they mount these old beauties for a lap.

If you are not in time to take the pics of drivers, take these Singtel Babes instead. Cars and Women always go together.

The race went on without a hitch. The roars of the cars at the starting line was deafening !! The heart pounds even louder 🙂 They race was the most exciting in 5 years with many overtaking moves, engine failures and crashes …… but i will leave it to you to check them out on the sports websites. 🙂

It got a little tiring (or boring hehe) as the race goes on, seeing the cars only for a short section of the race, panning your head from left to right. They are like gone in less than a second….Zzzzzz……..

Waitress !! I am coming for the 12th time !


  1. Wow… Interesting things you see in there as a Paddock Club member! Great shots of the activities on the paddock and race track! More please next year….

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