Cosplay x Anime x Manga

In my teens, i was crazy over comics, throw me anything and i would read them non-stop for hours. I remember the Fantastic Four, Spawn, Lobo……I still have Spawn Issue 1, nicely wrapped up with a cardboard backing.

and then i moved on to Japanese Manga. Dragonball, Slam Dunk, Angel Heart, City Hunter……

Never did i expect the culture to take on a life of its own….with Cosplay !! STGCC, a comic fair that attracted 35,000 people over the weekend. I was just upset that i did not bring my flash, my pictures ended up looking flat, unlike these.

I admit that i am out of date, i have no idea who most of these characters are. If you want, here is a Manga site for you to catch up.

Know what’s worse ?? I don’t know if some of the people there are in character or are they for real. There was this nice lady in a wheelchair……but at the same time she feels like professor X.

Man….my mind is screwed.


Know anyone ?


Its not only Cosplay. There are booth selling toys, famous or almost famous artists signing autographs, figurines and gaming competitions.



Even Sushi Chefs !!! now this is a manga that i would like to read.

For any superhero, you still have to go to the ATM if you need cash………

What amazes me was that these Cosplay guys and girls are totally professionals. We met them on the way to lunch, outside of the exhibition halls, and they are still in their poses, costumes and gears !!!  Ready to strike a pose should you ask for it.

I will ask them to when they are on their way back on the subways next time………..


We caught the Pikachus on their break 🙂 They are my favorites !!

or rather, i think they are the only ones i recognized…..

arggghhhh…..i feel old…….





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