People x Random

I knew i was burned out at work when nothing seem to interest me anymore. I was in Montreal and i did not bother to take out the camera from its bag. When upon return over the weekend, I had 18 hours of sleep each day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Crossing 3 major time zone, spending a few days at each, kills………remember that. How long am i gonna stay put this time ? 1 and half weeks……..

Anyway, here are some pictures of people i took along the way since starting this blog. I love photography !! 🙂

Fast Food Teppanyaki a@313 somerset food court. “Can you do a few tricks for me ? Like juggle 3 pieces of meat while singing a song ?”

“No sir, we are not allowed to show our skills in a food court. Restaurant can”

This obviously is a spy shot……hehe @ Chinatown

I got the biggest shock for that day when i asked them if i could take pictures of them @ Bugis. And without hesitation, like in less than a second, I got this pose. I was so stunned that it took me awhile to recover and take a picture. Thanks Guys !!

Pretty girl on skateboard, with headphones and a slurpee. How cool is that !? I must take a picture ! @ Orchard Road.

No Business, Bored @ Little India.

She was singing a song about the evil deeds of her ex-husband…….which i didn’t understand…isn’t she suppose to be selling something ? Never offend women…… @ Shanghai Yu Yuan.

I wish i had my 50mm to take portraits of this guy.

Artist says he paints every weekend all over Singapore. I have a feeling that i will see him again @ Little India

Coolest uncle ever…….. Loved how easy going, happy and cool he was @ Sungei Road.

Mark and I were so stunned to see this little girl. We had to stop the parents and ask for permission to take picture of their daughter. Those Grey- Green eyes…….@ Little India


What am i taking pictures of next ? I don’t know………still feeling burned out…………


  1. fantastic shots! i love street photography, and still sometimes lack the nerve to shoot people straight on. getting better at it though 😀 keep it up. these are good stuff!

    1. Thanks ! I do agree with you that its difficult to shoot people head on…… the number of rejections i had, weird stares….but this is all the fun ! saw your pictures on your blog….nice !!!

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