Wedding : Marcia x Chris

Attended a wedding last saturday. 🙂 Was extremely tired from the long plane ride and I arrived just in time for the wedding. Took a cab directly to the venue, snapped a few pictures and disastrously dozed off !!

Don’t worry, am not the official photographer, am just a guest of the bride and groom.

The Groom and his team of warriors, his best men, arrived at 745am……..

Weapons of Torture. Level 10 Habanero Chili paste, Extremely sour lime juice and weird looking paste on diapers.

The bride enjoying the moment via FaceTime. She is supposed to wait for the groom clear the different levels of challenges conjured by the bridesmaids and till they are satisfied that he did enough…..

I cannot decide if he is Elvis or Akebono.

When nothing works, its always good to try a bribe. Certainly looks like its working !

Its always fun to observe the proceedings at weddings…..just that i took too few pictures….

Congratulations, Marcia x Chris !! 🙂


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