Aoi Sushi 葵寿司 @ Killiney Road

Japanese Food. The journey continues………….

Yes, i know i have yet to try the really top end of Japanese sushi and sashimi. But the ultimate japanese omakase (お任せ) can cost you around Eur 300 per person. I have to fiddle my thumb, think thrice, ruffle my hair, crack my knuckles…..and say…..nah…there is always next time.

Aoi Sushi by Chef Ah Wah, who used to work in the now closed Sushi Yoshida. Located in Killiney road, its easy to find amid the horrible car parking. 5 months into the business, we can see that Chef Ah Wah has settled in nicely, blowing a few kisses along with numerous wide smiles as he goes about his daily work.

And this guy seems to have lots of fans. Numerous magazines has featured him in food columns. (Damn, its no longer a secret). What makes it more amazing is that he seems to be long time friends with everyone else when we are there.

“Found you finally !!” exclaimed one lady as she sloshed down her sake.

“Ah Wah, Otoro repeat please !” came a booming voice from the other corner.

I had a great time at Aoi Sushi. Chef Ah Wah takes time to explain what you are eating, which part is consider the premium of that particular fish. Best of it all, he seems to be brutally honest.

Tasting a fantabulously fragrant piece of Uni Sashimi, I asked “Where’s that Uni From ?” I was expecting an answer like, its from the north of Hokkaido or something.

“Russia, it depends on the supplier actually. You do know that not everything comes from Japan right ? No restaurant outside of Japan and Taiwan has everything (I Hope i did not hear ‘Anything’)  from that sea. …..blah blah blah……..”

The man is very much to the point…i like him already.

He makes his own Yomeishu.  What i had was the last bottle of his 6 year collection. He is making a new batch but the earliest for it to be ready for comsumption is a year. Which means you had to wait till March 2014 to drink 1 year old Yomeishu !!!

Our Omakase costs us Eur 140 for two. By the way, i am no food reviewer. All i do is to share my experiences at that place, my interactions with the man or team behind the food, just like what i do with all other posts here 🙂

Aoi Sushi 19

Aoi Sushi 01

Aoi Sushi 03

Aoi Sushi 02

Aoi Sushi 07

Engawa Sushi.

Aoi Sushi 04

Aoi Sushi 08

Aoi Sushi 09

Aoi Sushi 05

Uni Topped off mushrooms in a broth.

Aoi Sushi 10

Aoi Sushi 11

Aoi Sushi 12

Aoi Sushi 14

Aoi Sushi 13

This has to be one of the best Anago Sushi i have ever eaten. Smoky, Intense and yet super soft at the same time. The fish just melts in your mouth !! Chef Ah Wah explains that Eels/Anago are his biggest pride. He takes great pain to select only fishes of a certain weight for this. I cannot remember how old the sauce was but it is old enough !!!

A few other things I ate that i did not post, since i did not bring my flash and the pictures look flat…..either that or i probably did not like them 🙂  Will be back !!!

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